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A Special Welcome from Jason Cadwell...

Countless variables impact our financial fitness. Some variables we can control: where we live, what we buy, how we educate our children, and when we retire. Some variables we cannot control: personal health, employment security, and economic markets. Unfortunately, we are often bombarded with false information - information that ignores what we can control and makes false promises about what we cannot control.

Financial fitness is a process, a process much like physical fitness. Physical fitness and financial fitness both require expertise for the best results. The difference can be seen when true information for responsible planning is separated from the false promises of fads. Both physical fitness and financial fitness require individual attention since everyone's financial and physical status is unique. Both require flexibility since everyone's financial and physical status changes over time. Expertise, individual attention and adaptability to change - all three are necessary for fitness, whether it's the physical or financial kind.

For over 30 years, I have helped individuals achieve financial fitness. During this time, I worked in the premier accounting firm of Gallagher, Flynn as well as with other financial, legal and investment professionals in the
Vermont community.
My mission is to create individual solutions for individual clients. My solutions are as varied and dynamic as the individuals that make up our community. My goal is to help you achieve financial fitness, at your pace, to achieve your goals, over time.



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